The Best Wines for Steak, Lamb and other Red Meat

Maybe you are planning a fancy dinner, or maybe it’s a holiday feast and would like to know what wine to pair with your red meat. If you are serving, lamb, steak, veal or venison, you may hit a brick wall deciding on the most suitable wine for the occasion. Don’t worry too much, the answers are right here. Let’s help you find the right wine for your delicious meat so your guest can enjoy their meal to the max.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a great wine pairing for beef steak because the wine is full bodied, which complements the strong flavors from the meat itself, including smoke, marinade, and sauce. Cabernet Sauvignon’s has strong fruit tastes and flavors, and the tannins in the wine help in cutting through the fat of the steak, enhancing the texture and taste, and also making the steak burst with flavor.
  • Zinfandel is another steak-friendly wine that has moderate levels of tannins and high levels of acidity, which can counter the fat found in steak. Despite being gutsier and less refined than a Cabernet, Zinfandel has a characteristically bold grapey spiciness and thick richness, making it a good pairing for ribeye and t-bone steaks.


  • Syrah is a good pairing for grilled lamb that has a rich, musty flavor. The wine has a lighter, more delicate flavor, which can amplify the natural flavors in Syrah, including blackberry, olive, pepper, clove, vanilla, mint, rosemary, chocolate, allspice, rosemary, clove, and mint.
  • Pinot Noir with lamb is a marriage made in heaven. The acidity, silky tannins and bright fruit notes in Pinot Noir counter the gamey, earthy richness of the lamb, but still holds up the bold flavors of the lamb.


  • A medium-bodied Pinot Grigio goes well with the veal’s delicate flavors, though very neutral, tart and flavorless itself. The aromas of citrus, pear, and melon in the wine are a perfect balance of lightness that does not overpower the veal in flavor.


  • Côtes du Rhône is a versatile wine that is a blend and not a single grape. Since venison is not a friend of tannins, Côtes du Rhône is a good pairing with a pleasant aroma of strawberry, raspberry, black cherry and a hint of peppery spice.

You should have no problem finding the best wines for your steak, lamb and other red meats because there are a variety of options available on the market. The Industry restaurant has the best wines to match your favorite foods because they are sourced from the best grapes from the best vineyards.

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