Cuts of Steak You Should Know About

How well do you know your steak? In the steak aisle of your local supermarket are beautiful cuts of steak that you may have a hard time choosing from. Maybe you want to know what type of steak to order at your favorite restaurant. You may already know about the different cuts of steak; but how much do you know beyond the names? Let’s look at four popular cuts of steak that you should really know about.


This is the tenderest cut of beef, taken from inside the short loin and sirloin, under the ribs and is boneless. It is a tender muscle, yet very lean and fine-grained in texture, with very little marbling or intramuscular fat. As such, it is not known to be a particularly moist or flavorful cut of beef, but certainly the most expensive. It can be characterized as buttery and mild in flavor. Tenderloin is also known as filet mignon, Châteaubriand, and fillet. An entire tenderloin starts out wide at the sirloin end and tapers at the pointy end called the tail. Filet mignon is taken from the smaller end, and the Châteaubriand from the thicker, wider end. Care should be taken not to overcook the tenderloin.

New York Strip

Taken from the short beef loin subprimal behind the ribs, it initially starts off with a short loin that loses the tenderloin to produce a bone-in strip loin. New York Strip does not have much connective tissue or fat between the muscles but contains a good degree of marbling throughout and fat on edge, which makes the steak flavorful and moist. The meat is fine-grained in texture and is also called Manhattan, Kansas City strip, and top sirloin.


Well-marbled in texture, the T-Bone steak consists of two steaks, the strip, and tenderloin, which are separated by an obvious T-shaped bone. It is cut from the saddle, a cross-section of the unfilleted short loin. It is sold as a bone in and based on USDA regulations; the tenderloin portion must be 1.25″ wide to receive porterhouse classification and .5″ wide to be regarded as a T-bone. When it comes to taste, the T-bone is a combination of tender, buttery tenderloin, and beefy, moist strip of steak.


Also called Entrecôte, Delmonico, and Spencer, ribeye is taken from the upper rib section (#6-12) of beef and is a “man’s” steak. It is sold as a bone in and boneless, and has a rich, smooth, fine texture, and is super-tender, with marbling and ribbons of fat, which creates a lovely, juicy, super-beefy flavor.

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