Why a clean restaurant is important for your business

Maintaining a Clean Restaurant and Why it is Important

 There is nothing more off-putting to enjoying a meal than spotting a filthy area of a restaurant. Even if you manage to pass a health code inspection, your patrons will demand a clean area to eat and will never return if they encounter a dirty restaurant space.

With the advent of online reviewing sites and apps, it is more important than ever that every diner has a great experience. Keep the following five things in mind to ensure your restaurant is always clean and your customers keep coming back.

  1. Have Copious Handwashing Stations

 There is nothing more important when contacting food than having clean, sanitary hands. The more handwashing areas available, the more people will be inclined to wash hands. Ensure everyone touching food or areas that contact food was their hands frequently throughout a shift.

  1. Give the Restrooms Constant Attention

 Even though it has nothing to do with the dining area, a disgusting restroom really turns off customers. Unfortunately, restaurant restrooms often go neglected due to understaffing or an unwillingness to clean. Schedule someone to frequently check the restroom for any issues with cleanliness and encourage staff to address problems immediately.

  1. Empower Staff

 No single person can keep a bustling restaurant spotless. However, a staff empowered to deal with any issues or spills can team up to keep things tidy. Ensure your staff understands that cleanliness is the responsibility of everyone on the team, not just one individual.

  1. Daily Heavy Cleanings

 Keeping a restaurant clean is an arduous task. It is a far less strenuous task when kept up with daily. Each night or end of shift should result in a heavy cleaning that ensures the restaurant starts fresh the next day as a spotless canvas. Daily cleaning prevents further issues like dirt and dust buildup or issues with pests.

  1. Keep the Entryway Spotless

 If the first thing your customer sees is a filthy floor, they may reconsider dining at your restaurant. Even on the rainiest days, keep the entryway spotless. Constantly have staff wiping down the front door and ensuring the floor is clean and dry.

The Industry certainly understands how difficult it is to keep your restaurant sparkling. However, paying attention to a few key areas and empowering the entire staff to take ownership will do wonders.


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