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Importance of Food Presentation

You and your friend decided to go out tonight to try this new restaurant in downtown Boston. You sat down, and you ordered your separate meals then you wait while sipping a glass of wine. The food arrives, and you can’t help but notice your friend’s plate to be absolutely perfect. The steak is perfectly placed on the center while the sides are situated just a little bit further apart while your plate isn’t as enticing. I know, I know. It’s impolite to stare at another person’s food but if it’s that visually appealing, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. If the food looks that enticing, you are more likely to try it.

The Art of Food Presentation

Artisans all over the world have not only mastered making specific dishes but also creating a story out of it. They know that food presentation is a crucial part of the customer experience and most of the time, it will make or break the success of a meal. From simple presentation such as the placing or the type of cut used to the more complex presentation such as having a theme that involves everything down to the napkins, food presentation is used by artisans to express their personalities. After all, to dub a dining experience as a memorable one, it needs to satisfy the five senses.

Same yet Different

Chefs and artisans project their personalities on the dishes that they make. If given a limited amount of ingredients, people can only make a handful of different dishes, but if presented better, a dish will most likely be chosen over a dish cooked similarly. What is great with food presentation is that two dishes with the same exact ingredients can give out a different experience for a person based on its taste and appeal. A person, given the option, would more likely choose a dish that is more visually appealing.

The Industry on Adams is located in Dorchester, MA and our award-winning chef, Chef Peter Palumbo, creates dishes that will make your mouth water. We pride ourselves of serving scrumptious meals that will surely satisfy your cravings! If you are ever in the Dorchester area, call us and make a reservation!

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