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Creative Ways to Express Love

Expressing love is something that each person does differently, but more importantly, each person receives differently. That means that the stereotypical ways of expressing love may not make a lasting impact on the person in your life that you love. That doesn’t mean you should settle for defeat though! Instead, it’s important to think outside the box and begin coming up with more creative and unique ways to express your love for them. Check out these simple and creative ideas to start your brainstorming process!

Send Flowers for No Reason

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays aren’t the only time to give gifts. In fact, a gift given at random for no specific reason will be much more meaningful to the person that you love. Try sending a bouquet of flowers for no reason other than to remind them that you love them and are thinking of them always. Not only will they be touched when they receive them, but every time they look at that bouquet they’ll be reminded that you care.

Make Plans

As life gets busy it can be easy to neglect to make date nights and plans, especially in a long-term relationship. Take the time to make plans for the two of you. Rather those plans include an elaborate night out or a calm night in with take-out and a movie, it’s about the gesture. You’re setting time aside to do nothing but focus on your love for that person. Be sure the plans you make are ones that you can stick to. Canceling plans signals that the person you love isn’t important enough to commit to, which is the last thing you want them to feel!
A classic movie – dinner date is always an option. You would think that this classic move is already scratched off in the things to do but you can still spice things up with this option! Pick a movie that both of you will like and take them to a casual yet classy restaurant, such as The Industry on Adams right in Dorchester MA, and just talk about everything under the sun!

Write a Letter

Love letters are nothing new, but they’ve evolved with time. Long text messages or emails can still be touching, of course, but they don’t hold the same effect as a hand-written letter. Write down your thoughts and use the pages to express your love in the purest way possible. A hand-written letter is extremely creative in today’s society, which will make it mean even more to the recipient. If you want to take this idea to the next level, you should consider starting a letter chain between you and the one that you love. Send handwritten letters or notes back and forth regularly, even if you see each other every day. The new form of communication will be exciting and touching all at the same time.

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