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Healthy Meals : Restaurants

National Nutrition Month, sponsored by the American Society of Nutrition, focuses on healthy eating habits every year in March. One challenging aspect of maintaining a healthy diet is the common practice of eating at restaurants, especially on the go, in place of eating home-cooked food prepared fresh at home. So in honor of National Nutrition […]

Creative Ways to Express Love

Expressing love is something that each person does differently, but more importantly, each person receives differently. That means that the stereotypical ways of expressing love may not make a lasting impact on the person in your life that you love. That doesn’t mean you should settle for defeat though! Instead, it’s important to think outside […]

3 Things to Focus on During Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week begins in the United States on the third Sunday of January every year. This week is intended to remind people around the nation that maintaining a healthy weight is an essential part of living a happy and full life overall. While weight alone does not equate to good health, it certainly plays […]

Importance of Food Presentation

You and your friend decided to go out tonight to try this new restaurant in downtown Boston. You sat down, and you ordered your separate meals then you wait while sipping a glass of wine. The food arrives, and you can’t help but notice your friend’s plate to be absolutely perfect. The steak is perfectly […]

Maintaining a Clean Restaurant and Why it is Important

 There is nothing more off-putting to enjoying a meal than spotting a filthy area of a restaurant. Even if you manage to pass a health code inspection, your patrons will demand a clean area to eat and will never return if they encounter a dirty restaurant space. With the advent of online reviewing sites and […]

How Eating Out as a Family Can Benefit You

Many people associate eating out with dates nights for two, but that isn’t the only time you should be eating out. Eating out as a family has many benefits for both the parents and the children. Some of the benefits are very obvious things that many people tend to overlook. These are just a few […]

Kitchen Knife Usage: Essential Safety Tips

Whether you manage a commercial kitchen in a busy restaurant or you simply enjoy cooking meals for your family at home, you undoubtedly use knives on a regular basis. While knife use is essential, it can sometimes be scary, especially if you were never taught any specific knife safety tips. To keep yourself, and those […]

Top Reasons to Reserve a Restaurant For Your Event

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next big event you have to host. Whether it’s a holiday party, a birthday affair, an anniversary celebration, or something else entirely, planning an event to remember can take a lot of work! One of the toughest parts of preparing for any party is getting your […]

Cuts of Steak You Should Know About

How well do you know your steak? In the steak aisle of your local supermarket are beautiful cuts of steak that you may have a hard time choosing from. Maybe you want to know what type of steak to order at your favorite restaurant. You may already know about the different cuts of steak; but […]

The Best Wines for Steak, Lamb and other Red Meat

Maybe you are planning a fancy dinner, or maybe it’s a holiday feast and would like to know what wine to pair with your red meat. If you are serving, lamb, steak, veal or venison, you may hit a brick wall deciding on the most suitable wine for the occasion. Don’t worry too much, the […]